Raiffeisen Bank

Treasury SalesTools

Integrated tool for managing and real-time monitoring of currency conversion deals, orders and premium deposit products. The system increases the effectiveness of colleagues and helps having the tasks done quickly and precisely.


CSATA is the authentication and authorization handling system behind Raiffeisen Direkt and DirektNet. It's role to authenticate users and to authorize transactions.

The portal of Raiffeisen Bank and the DirektNet Portal

During the development of the portal itself and the Intrabank portal of Raiffeisen Bank we have gained experiences on the area of portal- and content handling. We have been using the portal framework-system of BroadVision for the content handling. Specific modules of BroadVision:

  • Contant page management
    • Contents – optional content elements (e.g. News, Job offers)
    • Program, Channel – Elements describing the Content and the Menu structure
    • PageType, Blocks – Handling and customizing of pages constructable dynamically
  • User Management
    • User, UserType – user group, user interface (data, lists (e.g. addresses), password, properties)
    • Qualifier – properties to which rules, entitlements can be linked
  • RuleSets – Rules can be constructed according to the data of the content elements which make possible the customization and the display of certain pages
  • Inbox – customizable portal notifications, e.g. notifications about transactions and content changes
  • Communities – Groups can be formed in accordance with the User's properties to which messages, newsletters could be sent
  • Newsletter – Timed sending of a newsletter to a certain group
  • NewsFeed – Broadcastable news, links on the RSS channel.
  • Page collector – By placing it on the main page we can help the user in portal using.

Mobile banker Portal

The portal helps the work and cooperation of the mobile bankers of Raiffeisen Bank. The users are able to keep records of the quests of their own and their employees on an interface developed specially for this goal. They can order all the essential forms, what is more, they are able to use public services such as forums or votes.

Intrabank Portal of Raiffeisen Bank

The IntraBank portal of Raiffeisen Bank was renewed in 2007 in collaboration with the colleagues of the Bank. Modules, applications created by us:

  • Form-filling application – Electronic filling of forms, with entitlement and status handling, monitoring and control of work processes. The improvement makes the retrieval and the overall status handling of forms possible.
  • Deposit functions
  • Arrangement-making application – An application which generates and administrates the working order of employees working in shifts with fix timetables (e.g. Call center)
  • Observation Log, Statistics – The solution which is capable of logging any activities and contains a complex monitoring surface
  • Coaching – The system that handles the assessment of employees
  • Program calendar – Control of company events (e.g. performances, trainings) with handling of entitlement and application
  • Acquisition process monitoring (AFK) – The system that helps the colleagues and agents in finding clients guarantees workflow for the acquisitional quests of clients, as well. Notwithstanding it has statistics, listing and filtering functions, calendar function and warning messages.
  • Transaction container – Storing of transactions, status handling with data integration protection for the store and forward type of supervision of operations combined with administrative interfaces.
  • Online bank card order – User's interface and inner workflow handling
  • Forum – Topics with entitlements
  • Vote, quiz
  • Partner register – Register of companies, storing of properties
  • Globe-trotter, Age of chivalry, Air Race - Three independent projects motivating the colleagues of retail with community services, competitions and reports
  • - The own portal of corporate branch which helps the employees find out about the latest news, products. You can find other tools such as forums, quiz, voting. A content-management interface containing couple of functions has been developed for this page by means of customization and individual developments.

Wise card

The development of Wise card may be placed both to the Extranet and IntraNet surface. The former means the basis of the existing portal, but represents a completely separated web page(, where the Clients and the possible Clients are able to browse from the information and can launch the process of claiming the card. This latest circumstance contains the functions of uploading and editing of the card and asking for the basic information. The data uploaded by the Clients get into a workflow which is handled and supervised by the employees of the bank on the IntraNet.



Nébih payment solution integration for the EFER. We implemented the integration of the payment methods of Nébih for the EFER (Elektronikus Fizetési és Elszámolási Rendszer - Electronic Payment and Settlement System) operated by KEK KH. With this the Nébih became centralized, and it has a much easier and up-to-date way to use the options given by the EFER.

Sberbank Hungary

The main shareholder of Sberbank Hungary is the Sberbank Europe AG, that was acquired by the Russian Sberbank in February 2012.

The bank offers a wide range of products and services for private individuals, entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized companies. With tailor-made and innovative solutions, the bank supports micro and small enterprises and facilitate the process of finding partners in Hungary as well as abroad.

We have developed the following solutions:

  • client website
  • introduction of workflow platform
  • mobile banking application
  • intranet
  • NAV EBT application

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