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By this day the Guidance Ltd. has many references in planning, making, maintaining and improving online portals, especially for banks. When we create online portals we are always following the clients' wishes and use the newest technologies to make sure that the client will be satisfied.

While developing an online solution we pay attention to realize the project in accordance to the already existing systems. The portals can be run in any of the most popular browsers, so their services can be used by all the customers.

Our NetBanks guarantee the safety of the transactions and other routines done online, while it's a quicker and easier way for banking. They include all the important functions needed, also we develop unique requests is to improve them even further.

For the NetBanks we already have experience in implementing modules like

  • Basic and detailed information visualization for accounts - depending on account and client type
  • Account history logs
  • Filtering by different attributes
  • Managing filters
  • One time HUF and foreign currency tranfers
    • credit card charging
    • VPOP transfer
    • check payments
  • Permanent transfers
  • Managing notes for the recipients and transfers
  • Depositing
  • Double signature (group signature, group submission)
  • Stronger authentication (once usable SMS password)
  • Factoring - speeding up the management of factoring issues by using online solutions
  • Mobilbanker module - administrative page for personal sales employee
  • SiteMaps

Next to the online banks and portals we offer other great solutions to make business better - let is be sales, authority requests, scheduling of employees, push services etc., and if needed we also accept unique demands.

Would you like to reach even more people? We can also develop a native mobile applications for your web portals on Android, iOS and Windows Phone as well.

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Guidance Ltd. was established in 2002
Our company's main tasks are planning, implementing and operating web applications,
special instant products and integrated softwares like financial websites.
We perform nearly all of our duties as a subcontractor of multinational firms.

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