November, 2013

Sberbank Mobile Application v2.0

Introduction of transactional functionalities for the Sberbank Mobile Application: payments, history. more >>

September, 2013

Renewal of the site

Actual information can be found on the site and it's possible to rent planes as well. more >>

August, 2013

ISO audit

Our ISO 9001:2000 certificate introduced in 2005 has been renewed again on the yearly audit. more >>


  • Mobile development
    Mobile development

    Mobile development

    Our professionals are ready to help you to create the iPhone and Android mobile solutions of your company. We can help you to design and form the concepts of your smartphone or tablet applications and we do the development task as well. details »

  • Banklet
    Banklet - Mobilbank megoldás iPhonera és Androidra


    More and more people use smartphone for everyday routine, for managing banking transactions. This new service channel is for the convinience of bank's present clients. Banklet application is independent from the other systems of the bank, but it can be easily built on the extant internetbank. It is connected to the bank system as a front layer modul, so all of the netbank functions can be forwarded and used via BankLet. details »

  • BeO - Be oriented!
    BEO - Be oriented!

    BEO - Be oriented!

    Our scheduler application has been designed for companies with numerous employees where organizing the parallel and continuous working-hours is of high importance. By the more simple process of preparing the monthly schedule just as the simple use during the month a lot of time can be saved and at the same time the possibility of a human mistake shall be reduced. details »

  • EWS - Early Warning System
    EWS - Early Warning System

    EWS - Early Warning System

    We offer our EWS system mainly for those firms that wish to follow the everyday work of their sales representatives up-to-date. The system is capable of processing all the incoming data received on mobile interface or by e-mail and forwarding the summarized reports set by a user by sms, mobele application, e-mail or on the direct forms found on the web page. details »

  • ProDOC - Electronic document-handling system
    Prodoc - Folyamat- és dokumentumkezelés

    ProDOC - Electronic document-handling system

    The integrated form-filling system, developed by Guidance Ltd., helps the smooth performance and the monitoring of office businesses, and besides making the processes automatic it also offers a simple and transparent documentation. It becomes possible, that any demand signaled by the client through any channel or even from home, will be handled amongst the employees on the inner administrative interface. details »

What does Guidance mean?

According to the dictionary:
guidance noun a) The act of guiding; direction; leadership b) Something that guides c) Advice or assistance, as that given to students by vocational or educational counselors d) The process of directing the course of a spacecraft, missile, etc.

For us:
The added value which distinguishes the business customer from the partner, the product from real solution and implementation from cooperation.

We tend to satisfy all real demands of our partners, the cooperation with them is necessary to find the solutions which can answer their questions.
We offer a direction which supports effectively the realization of the aims of our clients, and therefore they meet with complete success.

Last but not least, we should not forget about the informatics terminology:
GUI = Graphical User Interface, that is, the graphical interface which makes communication possible between the user and the computer, whereby feedback and guiding becomes possible, partly or totally, by means of graphic elements instead of messages or text orders.

Download our introduction (PDF formátum, 5.1 MByte)

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